Today's news headlines focus on such issues as unemployment, inflation, problems of health care and education, child poverty, income inequality, government budgets, and human rights, just to mention a few. All of these topics have an economic dimension, and they continue to headline the news because the issues cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all due to our limited resources.
The department offers not only basic economics programs, but also programs in financial microeconomics, financial econometrics, global financial markets, economics of technology and knowledge, regulation and competition in the information economy, environmental economics, social security programs and other public policies, and international cooperation and bargaining. Other offered courses are financial informational technology, economic analysis, financial consulting, and digital economy
There are three fields that our students go on to.
First is the finance sector including banks, securities and insurance.
Second is the public employee sector in government organizations, government investment organizations and various public corporations.
Third is the management sector in domestic and foreign companies.
Students can acquire certifications such as CPAs, fund managers, foreign exchange manager and investment analyzer for a professional career in the respective fields, or go on to become public employees, or work at companies and the press.

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